Who we are

PEJA is an international sales organisation with roots dating back more than 80 years. Specialising in the supply of equipment and related services to the aviation, environmental, maritime and medical sectors. PEJA Africa connects original high-end equipment manufacturers with our valued clients. Our organisation has been built on long term partnerships with both clients and principal suppliers.
Our added-value support is based on in-depth technical and local knowledge, which forms the basis of our success and growth within the African continent.
We serve the interest of our principal suppliers and clients on an equal basis at all times by offering first class workable solutions that meet requirements, needs and expectations.

Company History

Originally founded in 1937 in The Netherlands, we have been active on the African continent for over 30 years. PEJA initially began trading domestically with Dutch partners and buyers and established its first international contacts just after the Second World War when we started operations in Eastern Europe. By the 1950’s our operations had expanded to the import and distribution of a wide range of East European products, including electric motors, as well as tool making and agricultural machinery.

In the 1970’s the company went through a major reorganisation, which resulted in export and import activities being transferred to independent subsidiaries under the parent company PEJA Holding N.V. It was during this period that our experience in contracting and financial engineering became known throughout Dutch industry and financial institutions. As a result conglomerates such as ABN Bank and Stork took a financial interest in the company.

During the 1980’s we switched our focus towards the expansion of our operations in other continents including Africa, Asia and the Middle East and in so doing, acquired considerable knowledge and expertise in designing and implementing development projects.

PEJA current trading activities are focussed on exporting machinery and technology products to Africa, Eastern Europe and South Eastern Asia. In each of these markets PEJA has successfully implemented numerous projects and as such, has become a reputable partner for our many clients.

PEJA group of companies

PEJA Africa is part of the PEJA group of three fully independent companies.
We’ve established our reputation throughout the years and have become known for identifying market potential, accessing new markets and acquiring the relevant financial investments. PEJA Africa has developed an excellent relationship with its clients and principal suppliers by supplying only high quality equipment, supported by efficient commercial, logistical and technical services.

Stemming from a shared history, all three independent companies operate under the name of PEJA and deploy similar activities, but operate in a different part of the world. For full details of the products and services offered by our partner companies we refer to their websites below.