Environmental sector

The impact of global warming on the African climate is increasingly growing for both local and international meteorological agencies. This has resulted in a substantial increase in the demand for automated measuring equipment. Projects such as the Nile Basin Initiative (http://www.nilebasin.org/) require high-quality monitoring to ensure water management efficiency and the optimal use of resources.

PEJA Africa has established itself as one of the main suppliers of automated meteorological and hydrological measuring equipment. Not only do we supply high quality equipment, but also ensure systems are installed, connected, and maintained to the highest possible standards, through the approved accreditation of a number of environmental measuring authorities.

Full operational systems

Weather Radars
Automatic Weather Stations
Upper Air Stations
Lightning Detection
Weather Forecasting Systems
Automatic Message Switching Systems

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Vaisala Oyj (Finland)Corobor (France)Sagim (France)Seba Hydrometrie GmbH (Germany)