Maritime sector

Damen Shipyards

East Africa is blessed with many magnificent lakes and rivers, however these great waterways can at times restrict the everyday movement of people and businesses.
PEJA Africa provides solutions for any and all types of maritime challenges through our partnership with Damen Shipyards, a world renowned manufacturer for a variety of vessels and dredging equipment, including:

Tugs & Workboats
Dredging Equipment
Floating Dry docks
Offshore vessels
Pontoons & Barges
Modular constructions
High Speed Craft
Patrol vessels
Naval vessels
River & Sea cruising

Cost-effective solutions: The Pontoon ferry

In addition to the more traditional mono-hull ferries, Damen Shipyards has developed a ferry that consists of pontoons with the size of a regular freight container, which can therefore be easily transported to any remote area and assembled on site. Creative and efficient design leads to sustainable and (cost) effective solutions, which has resulted in the successful delivery and operation of different pontoon-ferries within in the region.